A financial planner is able to review your current financial solution, look at you available resources, and help determine your goals and objectives. From the information collected and analyzed, the planner will be able to develop an appropriate financial plan that suits your investment goals and objectives while satisfying your current financial state.

A broad overall picture of a client’s position is critical to the success of a financial plan.

We offer…

  • Professional Advice
  • Understand where you are financially, and where you want to be
  • Learn what you need to achieve your goal
  • Follow-up to ensure goals are being met

 In today’s fast changing world, attempting to  stay on top of all the changes is difficult. Government cutbacks in financial support  systems, corporate downsizing, and economic uncertainty are forcing people to look after  their own financial future. People are finding that increasingly, expert assistance  is  necessary to help them make sense of and cope with these changes. As well,  as  suggesting areas where they can invest their financial resources  so that  financial security can be assured. This is where financial advisers are able to step in  and offer assistance.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is the  business of providing a person with a plan recommending strategy and designed to help one achieve the all encompassing financial goals that have been  set. It involves a process that, assesses a person’s present overall financial situation,  a statement of estimated net worth, cash flow and cash position, a description of current  investment and insurance programs, a statement of estimated estate tax computations and  other relevant statements. Recommendations towards meeting short and long term living  goals and objectives, the  reduction of tax liability and the maximization of  personal savings, retirement and estate planning problems and possible solutions. The  planner will provide expert advice  and will also review and update the plan   and provide on going consultation as a client’s situation dictates. The plans will be  adjusted to fit any changes in the clients lifestyle.

Why Deal with a CFP?

The CFP  (Certified Financial Planner)   designation means that your planner has met and adheres to the requirements of the Financial Planners Standards Council  for education, examinations, experience and professional ethics.  These rigorous requirements mean that the CFP designation is internationally recognized as representing the highest standard in financial planning. A planner with this designation is able to bring a wide degree of experience in developing a practical successful financial plan for you.

Mr Azam Abu-Saud, as a Certified Financial Planner, is proud to be able to offer his clients the professional skills and knowledge the designation represents, and to provide service consistent with the standards of the profession. Working as a team a successful plan will be created.

Financial Planning is the process of meeting  the goals of your life through the proper management of your financial   resources.

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