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Estate planning is an important element of both the income tax planning and financial planning process. As planning decisions have an impact in either element; We can review investment goals and objectives both to increase your income and wealth and analyze what effect purposed changes will have on your estate and the amount of tax that will become due. We can suggest ways clients can reduce the effect of taxes on your estate, maximizing the amount available to the estates beneficiaries. Various investment strategies are available to investors to compensate for taxes that estates will face.  By using the appropriate investment plans that are available today to counteract the effect of taxes when someone passes away. Let us help you and your family to see the broad overall picture of investing and create an investment plan that takes advantage of all of the investment opportunities that exist. How to structure an Effective Will with your adviser.

  • Family Law and Estate Planning
  • Incapacity and Planning Ahead
  • Death and Taxes
  • Executors Role

Probate Planning: What is it and how it can minimize Estate Costs?

Probate is the legal proof that a will is correct and the executor has the legal right to administer an estate. Probate can be expensive as the governments have over time increased their charges for probating a will. There are different investment options available to help reduce the amount of probate fees charged and whether a will may need to be probated.

In structuring a will and investments consideration has to be given to the legal requirements outlined in the family law acts in Canada as they outline what legal rights are present and how they are  satisfied. Family Law is an important consideration in estate planning as the law tells an investor and a planner what is or is not permitted. This way investment decisions work within the law and not outside of it. Changes to Family law have had an important effect on how an investment is structured. Without considering the Family Law Act investors run the risk of having their  wills and desire expressed in their Last Will and Testament from being acted upon since the law will take preferences  over what is in the will. This change may not be acceptable to the person leaving the assets. Family law implications of investing have become more important and any changes have a direct impact on any investments.

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