Investment Process – Working Together to Reach Your Goals

Financial Planning

A successful financial plan is the result of a detailed collection and alanlysis of information based on an in-depth understanding of all the resources, liabilities, needs and wishes of the individual client. The evaluation and review of data along with the continued input from the individual client enables our qualified advisors to develop and implement a Comprehensive Financial Plan suited for that particular client’s Life Time Goals.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of the plan ensures that the individual client’s Life Time Goals and objectives are being achieved or will suggest areas where changes or improvements may be warranted.

Investment Policy Statement

Before an investment is made, an Investment Policy Statement is prepared which contains a detailed investment plan customized to a client’s particular circumstances outlining the following:

  1. Primary investment objectives
  2. Total return expectations
  3. Reporting process,
  4. Performance evaluation
  5. Optimal portfolio asset mix
  6. Selection of the portfolio manager and the fund
  7. Services provided to you
  8. Conflict of interest and regulatory compliances
  9. Risk tolerance level and time horizon

Your Financial Future Is In Your Hands

As a long-term investor, your patience will inevitably be tested by the fluctuations in investment markets. A written plan is one of the best means of avoiding ill-timed emotional decisions. The more disciplined and systematic you are with your investments, the greater the probability of achieving your financial goals.

Investment Accounts That You Can Open

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)
  • Registered Educational Savings Plans (RESP)
  • Spousal Retirement Saving Plans (SPRSP)
  • Registered Retired Income Fund (RRIF)
  • Locked In Retirement Accounts (LIRA)
  • In Trust For Accounts for Minors (ITF)
  • Individual Open Investment Accounts
  • Institutional Account – Corporate
  • Joint Investment Accounts Group RRSP’s


Investment Research Oriented Firm

We separate the real opportunities from the false starters. New investment opportunities are researched in-depth and evaluated before they are judged as being worthy of being presented.

Income Tax Research Oriented Firm

We research the Income Tax Act to identify areas of opportunity and have developed a number of innovative tax saving strategies.