I mange investment portfolios.
My philosophy of advice is that,
First thing, I work to determine what are you trying to accomplish?
How much time you’ve got in which to accomplish it,
And what resources you bring to the effort to achieve your goals.

Then, together, we develop an investment strategy, a plan for reaching your goals.
Then, and only then, I design a portfolio
Which, at long-term historical rates of return, will get you where you need to go?

Then our real work together begins.

Once we’ve created a high quality portfolio of investments that are extremely well-suited to your long-term goals,
Then I become, in a very real sense, your behavioral coach —
Helping you, over those next 5,000 days (and even longer, let’s hope) to continue to make good decisions, and avoid making inappropriate decisions, about what to do and what not to do regarding the portfolio.
I don’t say that the investments I recommend will “outperform” most of your neighbors’ investments.
But I say that, using the principles I practice, I repeat, using the principles I practice you should end up with a far better lifetime return than do most of your neighbors.

And this is the beginning of wisdom—
And the beginning of an understanding of what I do.

In concept, that’s the way I try to help my clients achieve their financial objectives.
As you can see, my approach is goal-focused and planning-driven,
Rather than being based on some attempt to outguess the economy or the markets.
I’m convinced that all successful investing involves constantly acting toward the realization of goals,

And all unsuccessful investing is based on reacting to whatever the markets happen to be doing at the moment.

– Azam Abu-Saud
Financial Advisor