Why Us

We recommend financial solutions that fit your personal plan and to back these recommendations with objective research and analysis.

Monarch advisors are committed to transparency and will tell you exactly what to look for, including the fees, performance of your investments and all other issues concerning you and your money.

Advisor’s Profile


Mr. Azam Abu-Saud provides qualified clients with access to quality,  independent financial professional advice on how to invest their financial resources for their economic well being.  Initially the company’s primary product was mutual funds. Since then it has developed to its present role of providing a unique combination of financial products and services to our clients, in Canada and abroad. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with over 20 years experience in economics, mutual funds, accounting, taxation and international business.  Mr. Abu-Saud and his team are well qualified to provide detailed objective advice to investors in assisting them to reach their goals.

Our Mission

Is to provide our clients with the best investment resources, financial planning, and taxation advice needed to maximize personal financial wealth in a changing economy, and to preserve and protect their future financial security.  To achieve these goals, we will work together with our clients to develop financial strategies based on their individual and unique requirements.



Unlike dealers that focus on the sale of their own products, we focus on communication, information and truly objective, conflict-free advice.


We believe technology can have a transformative effect on advisor productivity and client satisfaction. Our advanced “robo” capability has been designed to support advisors in a hybrid model so they can spend more time working with you and less time on tasks.


We track the best GIC rate available in 1 to 5 year terms across multiple institutions.

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